Welcome to the 2002 Newport Raft-Up event
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The morning started out with the normal preparation for a day at sea. The Haas's polished 'Moon Shadow' until she gleamed.
We watched our hosts, the Hollenbecks, head out to sea on their way to Newport. It wasn't long before they were seen heading back to port. The fog had driven them back. It was time to wait out Mother Nature.
So we waited and waited . . . and waited.
Until along came 'Bubbles' captained by Doug Fuhrman with First Mate Sharon.
Doug called out, "Follow me, I've got radar." So we did. At least until 'Bubbles' disappeared into the fog. Not to worry, as soon as we lost sight of 'Bubbles,' Doug slowed down and we followed her to Newport.
Cliff Meier and his son, Greg, assisted with setting anchors. Dick Kappes is also seen assisting.
The boats were now lined up across their swim steps making it easy for members to move from boat to boat. With the hard work out of the way, it was time to enjoy a day on the water with good friends.
The landlubbers arrived later in the afternoon and the party began.
The bar was located on the 'Lady Susan.' The Duncans were the gracious hosts. We had plenty of room to move around on their spacious vessel.
The festivities then moved via dinghy to the beautiful Bahia Corinthian Yacht Club where we were joined
by a number of our members who came in the evening to enjoy a dinner of steak and salmon.
After returning to the raft-up, the fellowship continued into the night.
As you could have guessed, morning brought us more FOG!
It gave us the opportunity to enjoy a leisurely breakfast. Some members dinghyed back to the Bahia Corinthian for brunch.
It also provided a chance to take a tour around the raft-up and photograph it from all angles. We missed the opportunity to photograph the only sailing vessel in the group, the 'Natsu,' which pulled out early in the morning and sailed into the fog.
The fog cleared about noon and we all weighed anchor (ours weighed about 40 pounds). As we headed out, we passed all the sights and sounds of Newport.
And finally, after another caravan through the off shore fog, the Ruby's at the end of the Huntington Beach Pier loomed into sight and we knew we were home.
It was a great adventure, where we were able to enjoy the company of our good friends of the SeaGate Yacht Club.

Thanks go to our event hosts, Don & Loretta Hollenbeck, for a wonderful time at the Newport Dinner Cruise and Raftup.