SeaGateís Night at The Races

by event hostess, Maryann Boryszewski

You win some, you lose some, but did we have fun?  The answer to that question when asked to all who attended Saturday night at the races was 'Yes.'  Members came to the Los Alamitos Race Track to enjoy each otherís company, have a good meal together, and hopefully, win some money.  The event was well attended with the festivities starting at 6 pm in the Vessels Club.  The races started at 6:30 pm and dinner was served at 7 pm.  One of the highlights of the evening was the sixth race, dedicated to the SeaGate Yacht Club.  At the end of the race Tom and Jan McKnew, Dennis and Kathy Kreil, Mary Lou and Galen Espinosa, Mary Shebell, and John and Maryann Boryszewski were invited to the winnerís circle to have their picture taken. The picture was taken of the winning horse, Short, his jockey Victor Diaz, and the horseís owner and trainer.  We felt like celebrities.  We returned to the Vessels Club to pick our favorite horses, the jockeys wearing the best colors, the prettiest horses, and cutest horseís names. We know how to pick a winner.         

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Meeting and greeting friends was the order of the day. We enjoyed a fine meal and everyone went away a winner.

Below you can relive the fun of the "Winners Circle" for the sixth race named for the SeaGate Yacht Club. Our club members were able to meet the jockey and his horse (the horse didn't stay around to have his picture taken.)

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Enjoy a beautiful night at the races with your friends from SeaGate Yacht Club. 
This is the way it works:
On June 29th at 6 PM you drive into the parking lot at Los Alamitos; pull up to the preferred parking area and advise the attendant that you are with the SeaGate Yacht Club for an event at the Vessels Club.  He will direct you to 'up front' parking..
Go to the entrance of the clubhouse at the right side of the stands and advise the attendant you are with the SeaGate Yacht Club for an event at the Vessels Club.
Go up the escalator and enter the Vessels Club where you will be greeted by the matre'd.  You will get a free program for each couple and be directed to the area reserved for SGYC. We will enjoy a fine buffet of sliced Top Sirloin and Chicken Marsala with all the trimmings
We will then enjoy a full card of horse racing - touting our favorite ponies and cheering them home to victory.  We will even have a race named for the SGYC and some of us will get our picture taken with the winning horse and jockey.
I avoided going to the races for many years because, as a novice bettor, I was intimidated having to make my bets at the window with some guy who, I knew, was laughing at my picks. They now have 'ATM like' machines where you can place your bets with the machine. I love it.
Read the flyer below and get your check to Maryann Boryszewski by June 24th.   You will be glad you went.
Maryann's address and phone are:
Maryann Boryszewski
4151 Silliman Drive
Huntington Beach, CA 92649

Thanks to event hosts John and Maryann Boryszewsk for the latest info on the SGYC Day at the Races