'California Dreaming' a Wonderful Day in the Sun

California Dreaming left many of us with a California sun tan. It was a beautiful day for a barbeque on the Cohen's beautiful harbour-side patio. There was plenty to eat and there were a lot of folks enjoying Ted's special drink of the day.

It takes special people to be willing to open their home to a large party. Ted and Linda are always gracious hosts. You can always be sure the theme will be carried out in the decorations. Thank you to the Cohen's

Bob and Linda Axel co-hosted the event. The decorations were great and the games provided us all with a lot of laughs. Linda also managed all the reservations which is no small task. Nothing happens until someone steps up to host an event. Thank you Bob and Linda.

Did I mention the food . . . there were so many delicious appetizers that I almost forgot to eat the main course of barbequed hamburgers, chicken, mushrooms and salad.

We are lucky to have many photos taken with the club camera, and a thank you to John Mitchell is in order. He took the first group of sixteen photos that you can see below. Don't forget to click on your favorites to see them in a large format; they are very striking when viewed in all their glory. Use the 'BACK' button on your browser to return to the photo page.

Thanks to the hosts of the California Dreaming event, Ted & Linda Cohen and Bob & Linda Axel, for helping create this page.