2002 Huntington Harbour Holiday Boat Parade

Don Hollenbeck's design for the construction of our boat parade entry was a fantastic concept.

The framework for the display was made from ABS pipe, cut and assembled to the size of the display, panel by panel.
The plan consisted of a wizard making music from the magic hat with the four decades of music style represented by four icons of the 70's, 80's, 90's, and the 2000's. There were light pipes emminating from the hat with musical notes and stars in the sky.
The completed frame was covered with wire mesh to enable the figures to be securely fastened with cable ties.
The wire was painted black so it wouldn't be seen when the display was lighted at night.
The vessel was the "Lady Susan," owned, piloted and hosted by Don and Susan Duncan. Our thanks go to the Duncans for participating in this great effort.
The pieces went up easily on the wire mesh superstructure.
The artist and the engineer coolaborate as the design comes together.
More decisions are made to make the finished product come together.
The wizard and the hat were the focal point of the design.
Many hands make light work.
The wizard's hat was three dimentional and required some extra work.
It was important that each piece be tied down carefully to avoid being blown off when the parade was underway
Nothing comes off without good supervision.
The Crew posing before their handicraft. It took many more than you see here to complete this project.
Stars and musical notes were positioned high on the framework.
Credit goes to those atop the high ladders swaying on a moving dock finger.
How high can you go?
Our incoming Commodore verifies that our position in the parade in number 40.
Don Duncan poses beside the completed project wondering, "How am I supposed to drive this thing?"
And finally, here is Lady Susan herself preparing for the Saturday night event.

Thanks go to Don and Loretta Hollenbeck for taking on the effort this year.